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I would also like to buy original cover art and interior art, by artists such as:
Ron Turner, Reginald HEADE, H. W. Perl, Jeff Cook, Denis McLoughlin,
Peter Archer, Robert A. Osborne (R. A. Osborne), Stanley Pitt, and many others.

Alliance Press (UK: pamphlet) Quote any other titles
Leslie H. Fox , The Vampire and 16 Other Stories
Leslie H. Fox , Twisted Tales

Bear Hudson (UK: pamphlet or digest) Quote any other titles
N. Wesley Firth , Spawn of the Vampire
N. Wesley Firth , Murder For Sale
N. Wesley Firth , Terror Stalks by Night
Leslie Halward , Arrest Ace Lannigan
Leslie Halward , Ladies Love Murder
Thrilling Crime Stories

Brown Watson (UK booklet)
N. Wesley Firth , Lady in Leicester Square

(Australia: pamphlet) Quote any other titles
Alan Connell , Warriors of Serpentland
J. W. Heming , The Living Dead
J. W. Heming , Subterranean City
Vol Molesworth Quote any titles
Paul de Wreder , Times Marches Off
Philip Richmond , Reign of Terror

Curtis Warren (UK: digest)
Nick Baroni , No Regrets

Dragon Ltd (UK)
Vargo Statten , Creature From the Black Lagoon

Export Publications (Canada: for Pemberton, UK)
Thomas P. Kelly , I Found Cleopatra
Thomas P. Kelley , Tapestry Triangle

Everybody’s Books (UK: pamphlets and digests)
John Creasey , The Toff on the Trail
Preston Yorke , The Astounding Crime
Preston Yorke , The Gamma Ray Murders
Preston Yorke , Death on Priority 1
Preston Yorke , The Case of the Strangled Seven
Preston Yorke , The Case of the Swinging Spider
Eugene Ascher , The Grim Caretaker
Eugene Ascher , Uncanny Adventures
Justin Atholl , The Perfect Murder
Justin Atholl , The Grey Beast
Justin Atholl, The Land of Hidden Death
Justin Atholl , The Swastika Murders
Justin Atholl , There Goes His Ghost
Justin Atholl , The Trackless Thing
Cecil Bishop , Murder on the Second Floor
Cecil Bishop , The Terrible Vengeance of Sen Tu 
Cecil Bishop , Terror Comes to London
John Lacey Cora , They Rubbed Him Out
Allan Govan , Pearls of Death, and other stories
Edmund Snell , Emerald of Death
Buck Toler , It’s Only Saps That Die
Buck Toler , Killer on the Run
Tales of Terror and the Unknown

Grant Hughes (UK: booklets)
N. Wesley Firth , Dangerous Dames
N. Wesley Firth , Frightened Virgin
N. Wesley Firth , Gangster Pay-Off
N. Wesley Firth , Lady Go Careful
N. Wesley Firth , Soho Girl
Earl Ellison , Guns and Saddles
Leslie Halward , Dames in Distress
Joel Johnson , Riders of Ghost Valley
Joel Johnson ,  Borrowed Love

Hamilton & Co (UK: pamphlets and digests)
N. Wesley Firth , The Terror Strikes
Michael Hervey , Strange Hunger
N. Wesley Firth , The Terror
N. Wesley Firth , Broadway Doll
N. Wesley Firth , Deceit
N. Wesley Firth , Manhatten Bombshell
Earl Ellison , Desert Intrigue
Henri Duval , Mayfair Nights

Earl Ellison , The Tomb of Horror
Earl Ellison , Blood on the Dragon
The Authentic Science-Fiction Handbook

Hampton Press (UK: pamphlet)
Michael Hervey , Corpse Parade
Michael Hervey , Creeps Medley
Michael Hervey , Crime Medley
Michael Hervey , G is for Ghoul
Michael Hervey , Ghost Voice
Michael Hervey , Horror Medley
Michael Hervey , Suspicion

Mitre Press (UK 40s pamphlet or thin digest)
F. W. Gumley , Death Calls the Tune
F. W. Gumley , The Death Séance
F. W. Gumley , Death Stills the Brush
F. W. Gumley , Death Visits the Parish
Leslie Carroll , You Can’t Hang the Dead
Leslie Carroll , The Blackmailer and the Blonde
Leslie Carroll , The Lamp Burns With Blood
Eugene Ascher , There Were No Asper Ladies
Cecil Bishop ,  Adventures of Ah Foo, the Chinese Sherlock Holmes
Cecil Bishop , [Tales of] Crime and the Underworld
Cecil Bishop , Crime in a Big Way
Cecil Bishop , The Ruby of I-Chang
George C. Bachelor , Uncanny
B. E. M. Ward , Murder at the Playhouse
Buck Toler , The Bronsville Massacre
George Stanley , Gangsters All
George Stanley , The Brotherhood of Death
George Stanley , Gangsters’ Parade
Justin Atholl , The Man Who Tilted the Earth
Justin Atholl , The Oasis of Sleep
Justin Atholl , The Perfect Murder
Justin Atholl , Death in the Green Fields
M. I. H. Rogers , Horror in Hawaii
N. Wesley Firth , This Is Murder, Lady
Claude Stewart , Spider Pete
Ray Carr , Blackmail
Henry Varley , The R. O. F. Murders
R. Thurston Hopkins , Uncanny Tales
R. Thurston Hopkins , Weird and Uncanny Stories
R. Thurston Hopkins , Strange Stories of the Orient Express
Jungle Night: Tales of Adventure by Master Writers
Murder and Sudden Death

Harborough Publishing Co (UK: digest)
John King , Shuna, White Queen of the Jungle
John King , Shuna and the Lost Tribe

J. Dennett (Australia: pamphlet)
Vol Molesworth , Wolfblood

John Spencer & Co. (UK)
Earl Ellison , Miss Gloria Gets Wise

Earl Ellison , Rita Makes a Killing

Kaner Publishing (UK: pamphlets and thin digests)
H. KanerApe-Man’s Offering 
H. KanerFire Watchers Night  
H. KanerHot Swag  
H. KanerA Lady Screams  
H. KanerSquaring the Triangle  

Modern Fiction (UK booklet)
N. Wesley Firth , The Woman of Danger

Opus Press
(UK: pamphlet)
The Face in the Mirror (collection of reprinted stories)

Pan Press (UK)
Leslie H. Fox , The Heel of Achilles

Pendulum Pubilcations
(UK: small paperback)
Jinn & Jitters

Robin Hood Press (UK: thin digest) Quote any other titles
Eugene Ascher , There Were No Asper Ladies

Darcy Glinto (please quote any titles, many lacking)

Scion, Ltd (UK: digest) Quote any other titles
Victor Norwood , The Untamed
Victor Norwood , Drums Along The Amazon
Victor Norwood , Cry of the Beast
Victor Norwood , The Skull of Kanaima
Victor Norwood , The Temple of the Dead
Victor Norwood , The Caves of Death
Victor Norwood , Island of Creeping Death
Earl Titan , The Gold of Akada
Earl Titan , Anjani the Mighty

Scot's Digest: The Horror Club (UK pamphlet)
David Scott-Moncrieff , The Vaivaisukko’s Bride

Gerald G. Swan (UK: 1940s Pamphlets)
Ray Cummings , Into the Fourth Dimension
R. H. Romans , The Moon Conquerors
W. P. Cockcroft , They Came From Mars
Kay Hammond , The Dark City
Four in One Weird and Occult Shorts
Four in One Gang and Thrill Shorts
Four in One Crime and Vengeance Shorts
Four in One Detective Shorts
Four in One Crime Shorts
Detective Thriller Library
(all issues)
Gang Shorts (all issues)
Thrill Shorts (all issues)
Vengeance Shorts (all issues)
Boxing Yarns
Boxing Shorts
Weird Shorts
Weird Story Magazine (all issues)
Weird Pocket Library
Western Shorts (all issues)
Yankee Shorts (all genres)
Weird and Occult Miscellany

Scientific Thriller (Australia: digest pamphlet)
Paul Valdez , Hypnotic Death
Wolfe Herscholt , Magnetic Peril

Tit-Bits Crime Fiction Library, C Arthur Pearson (UK: digest)
Sean Gregory , Murder Comes Easy
Frank Struan , Fall Guy
John Damony , Corpses Cause Trouble 
Dane Andrews , Jail Break
Frank Struan , Tunnel of Nightmare
Howard Braddock , Treasure of Monte Ragazzo
Sean Gregory , Murder Bangs a Big Drum
Frank Struan , Death in Darkness
Dane Andrews , Missing – Believed Stolen
Dane Andrews , A Guy With a Gun
Sean Gregory , Murder Is So Permanent
Frank Struan , Dateline Paris
Sean Gregory , Murder Makes a Corpse
Frank Struan , Murder Is So Unpleasant
Frank Struan , Girl From the Sea
Frank Struan , The Contact Man
Sean Gregory , Murder Makes Mockery
Laurence Mallory , This Woman Is Dangerous
Sean Gregory , Edge of Terror

Utopian Publications (UK: pamphlet)
Gabriel Marlowe , Chez Robert (or, “Romance”)
Ralph Milne Farley , Dangerous Love
N. Wesley Firth , The Strip Tease Murders
Gans T. Field , Romance in Black
Strange Tales # 1 (Alva Rogers cover art)
Strange Tales # 1 (H. W. Perl cover art)
American Fiction, series (# 11 does not appear to exist)
    01. E. Frank Parker , Girl In Trouble   
    02. S. P. Meek , Arctic Bride
    03. Robert Bloch , Sea-Kissed
    04. Jack Williamson , Lady In Danger   
    05. Edmond Hamilton , Tiger Girl
    06. Johnson Harris , Love In Time       
    07. Edmond Hamilton , Murder in the Clinic
    08. Stanton A. Coblentz , Youth Madness   
    09. H. O. Dickinson , The Sex Serum
    10. R. A. Palmer , Strange Offering   
    12. H. Vincent , Master of Dreams

World Distributors/ Pemberton (UK)
David V. Reed , The Whispering Gorilla
Leigh Brackett , Shadow Over Mars




United Kingdom Fanzines:
Slant (edited by Walter Willis, in Ireland)

United Kingdom Pulps & Digest-Magazines
Round-Up Magazine (western), City Libraries, of Glasgow (all issues wanted)
Screen Chills and Macabre Stories, Pep Publishers & Printers 
Weird Tales, William C. Merrett  
Strange Tales, Utopian Publications              
    # 1 (cover art by H. W. Perl features a female on cover)
    # 1 (cover art by Alva Rogers)
Space Fact and Fiction Album, Gerald G. Swan (all wanted)
Weird Tales, Gerald G. Swan (all issues wanted)
Swan Yankee Magazine, Gerald G. Swan (quote all issues)
    # 06: Yankee Weird Shorts  
    # 14: Yankee Weird Shorts
    # 19: Yankee Weird Shorts
Weird Pocket Library, Gerald G. Swan
Weird Shorts – First Selection, Gerald G. Swan
Weird Story Magazine, Gerald G. Swan (all issues wanted)
Phantom Detective Cases
Mystery Crime Cases
Thrilling Crime Stories
Crime Confessions
Galaxy (Autumn 1946)
You’ve Had It (# 14)

Scientific Thrillers series, Transport Publications

Toronto Star Weekly (please quote any other newspaper supplements with this author)
   "The Golden Amazon" by John Russell Fearn
Montreal Standard (quote all)
   "The Man Who Tilted The Earth" by Justin Atholl
Uncanny Tales (Adam Publishing Company)
Uncanny Tales (Norman Book)




Isaac Asimov – I, Robot
Maxwell Grant – The Shadow and the Voice of Murder
Edgar Rice Burroughs – “Tarzan in the Forbidden City”

    The following newspapers often turn up on farms, in barns, attics, cellars, rural areas of the north.

“Chicago Ledger”                (a weekly illustrated story paper; quote any issues: 1915, 1916, 1917, 1918, 1919, 1920, 1921, 1922, mid-1923
“Illustrated Story Weekly”    (successor to above title; quote any issues: 1923 to 1924)
“Weekly Ledger”                  (successor to above title; quote any issues: 1924 to 1925)
“Blade and Ledger”             (successor to above title, now becomes a monthly; quote: 1925, 1926, 1927, 1931, 1932, 1933, 1934, 1935, 1936, 1937, 1938
“The Illustrated Companion”     (an all romance monthly illustrated story paper; quote all issues)
“Sunday Fiction Magazine”    (a Sunday magazine supplement existing only for the years 1915, 1916, 1917, 1918; please quote all)

The following were published in the 1920s by Garden City Publishing, and are printed in dime novel format.

T. Von Ziekursch – The Phantom Wolf

George Ethelbert Walsh – Scavengers of the Sea

Theodore Goodridge Roberts – Musket House

Anthony M. Rud – The Devil’s Heirloom

Theodore Goodridge Roberts – Green Timber Thoroughbreds

Crittenden Marriott – The Water Devil

William M. Raine – With Rope and Brand

James B. HendryxMarquard the Silent

Harold Titus – Doc!

H. Bedford-Jones – The Outlaw of Rattlesnake Gap

W. C. Tuttle – Powder Law

Theodore Goodridge Roberts – The Oxbow Wizard

Talbot Mundy – Caves of Terror

William West Winter – When Death Rode the Range

Clem Yore – Raw Gold

Stephen Chalmers – Don Quickshot Looking For Trouble

Wm. MacLeod Raine – The Last Shot

W. C. Tuttle – Sad Sontag Plays His Hunch

Anthony M. Rud – The Sentence of the Six-Gun

Frank C. Robertson – The Outlaws of Flower-Pot Canyon

Ernest Haycox – Mountain Men

W. C. Tuttle – Battling Herds

Anthony M. Rud – Hostages of Hate

Stephen Chalmers – Take-a-Chance Tamerlane

Frank C. Robertson – Haskell of the Dug-Out Hills

Murray Leinster – Gunpowder Range

George C. Shedd – Rustler’s Range

Clem Yore – Trouble Trail

Gnome Press, 1949
LA Bantam 21, 1940
LA Bantam 23, 1940


W. D. Boyce

W. D. Boyce

W. D. Boyce

W. D. Boyce












Scion Ltd in 1949,
16, 32, or 48 pages, at 3d or 6d.

Vivienne Carne:        
   The Downward Path  
   Forget Me Not   
   Stairway to Stardom
   The Passionate Flame
June Carole:       
   Take Your Happiness
   Where Is Romance?
Marie Fontaine:
   The Way of Love
Katherine Layton:  
   Tongues of Slander
Barbara Ransome:
   Between Two Loves
Fe Wendel
   Fateful Invitation   
Scion Ltd in large-size pulp magazine formats:
Fireside Confessions    1 & 2
Seaside Confessions
True Crime Confessions

Scion Ltd or Dragon Books,
in 1953-1955 at 1/- or 1/6:

Gene Bentley:       
   Bitter Harvest
   En Route To Romance   
   No Rain for Maria   
   Glamour in the Morning
Elizabeth Rutland:   
   Hearts Can Heal       
   Heedless Heart       
   Moon Magic   
P. Shoosmith:       
   Beyond Midnight to Jupiter   
   Out of the Dust
Brown Watson in 1956 at 1/-
Elizabeth Rutland:   
   The Devil’s Daughter   
Gannet Press in 1954 at 1/-
Beth Darling:        
   Romance Remains




Scion Ltd or Dragon Books
at 6d in 1954, pamphlet format

Rex Markham:        
   see the following titles are right

Dinka Gold   
Golden Scarab   
The Red Wagon   
The Queen of Snake Island



Brown Watson at 1/6 in 1953-1955
Elton Westward     
   The Lonely Road Murder       
   No Answer
J. M. Hickman – Death on the Run
Frank Russell – Shattering Glass

World Distributors at 1/6 in 1955
Conway Carr – The Rattenbury Mystery
Preston James – Secret of the Vase
Scion Ltd or Dragon Books at 2/- in 1955
Hugo Blayn – The Silvered Cage
Nat Karta – Vision Sinister
Paget Publications at 1/6 in 1949
John Russell – Account Settled

Australian Crime Mystery Detective:
Stop Press Stories (Whitman Press, ca 1949)
Fredric Brown – The Perfect Frame

C. John Daly – Not My Corpse !

Western Digest Paperbacks:                                                                                                                                    Highwayman Historical Fiction Digest:


Muir Watson at 1/6 in 1949
Hank Carson – Texas Terror
Nick Wolff – Bullets at Bar-K


Gannet Press at 1/6 in 1954
Arnold Ryden:       
   The Son of Dick Turpin       
   Turpin’s Son Rides Again



You Murdered Me -- Rosina Tarne, UK: John Crowther, circa 1946, possibly not published
Partners In Crime -- *author unknown* -- India: Thackers of Bombay, circa 1947
The Bride of Frankenstein -- UK: Queensway Press, 1935 edition
Tapestry Triangle -- Thomas P. Kelley, Canadian, Associated Weekly Newspapers Book Division for Pembertons, circa 1946
War of the Worlds -- H. G. Wells, UK: World's Work, undated, circa 1937

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