The Spectre Library


Released August 2007




by Victor Rousseau


Introduction by Morgan A. Wallace


Released: August 2007


Hardcover: 174pp


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Collected for the first time ever, these 12

weird and occult tales feature Dr. Phileas

 Immanuel, soul-specialist.


Advocating that problems of the abnormal

 psychic state could be remedied with treatment

 upon the basic theory of reincarnation, the great

 neurological psychic physician must exorcise

 discarnate thieves, murderers, religious madmen,

combatants or grave consequences may befall

 the living host of the reincarnated lost soul.


Dr. Phileas Immanuel is . . . The Tracer of Egos




NOTE:  Cover image lacks top-cover text; jacket PDF provides missing text, however, the ISBN on the rear cover was removed prior to printing