The Gallery to Science Fiction, Fantasy, Weird & Occult, and Jungle / Tarzan Pastiches

 as published in the England, Ireland, Australia and Canada

from the 1929-1966 as Paperbacks, Digests, Pamphlets, Pulps, and Magazines.

All images presented are from copies I have personally owned or do currently own, or have been graciously supplied by numerous fans.

I appreciate your contributions, and ongoing support. Any comments, questions, etc., contact






Adam Publishing: Handy Library (Canadian digest)
The Face That Launched A Thousand Ships  Thomas P. Kelley, mid-1940s {Wilf Long}
   NOTE:  Scarce only in fine grades; common to obtain in lesser grades, though dealers are criminal in the prices they “ask” for those lower grades.


Alex Moring (UK digest)
The Unseen Assassin  Hank Janson, undated {Heade}
One Against Time  Hank Janson, undated {Heade}
Tomorrow and a Day  Hank Janson, 1955 {Heade}


Alliance Press (UK pamphlet)
The Vampire and 16 Other Stories, Leslie H. Fox, 1945 {uncredited} – rare collection of short fiction by a writer whom died during the WWII (image from eBay auction)
Twisted Tales  Leslie H. Fox, 1946 {uncredited} – not as desirable, due to lack of a genuine weird tales, but damn rare.


Arc Press (UK digest)
Beyond The Solar System  Claud(e) Haley, 1954 {Light} – scarce digest, hard to find in any condition.


Archer Press (UK digest)
Planet War  Fysh, 1952 {Facey}

Atlantic Book Company (UK digest)
Invasion From Space  Matthew C. Bradford, 1954 {Theobald} – fairly difficult item to locate with boring cover art.


Atlas Publications (Australia saddle-stapled digest)
Series: Science Fiction Library
1 -
The Echoing Worlds  Jonathan Burke, 1955    
2 -
World at Bay  E. C. Tubb, 1955   
3 - From What Far Star, Bryan Berry, 1955     
4 -
Worlds in Balance  F. L. Wallace, 1955 
5 - Another Space, Another Time, H. J. Campbell, 1956 
6 - The Stars Are Ours, H. K. Bulmer, 1956 
7 - And the Stars Remain, Bryan Berry, 1956
8 -
Time Trap  Rog Phillips, 1956     


Authentic Science Fiction (UK digest)
   NOTE: The first 28 issues were novels, and little else.
01 -
Mushroom Men of Mars   Lee Stanton, 1951 {D.L.W.}
02 -
Reconnoitre Krelling II   Jon J Deegan, 1951 {D.L.W.}
03 -
Gold Men of Aureus   Roy Sheldon , 1951 {D.L.W.}
04 -
Old Growler   Jon J. Deegan, 1951 {D.L.W.}
05 -
Seven to the Moon   L. Stanton, 1951 {D.L.W.}
06 -
Phantom Moon   Roy Sheldon, 1951 {D.L.W.}
07 -
Energy Alive   Roy Sheldon, 1951 {D.L.W.}
08 -
World in a Test Tube   H. J. Campbell, 1951 {D.L.W.}
09 -
Old Growler and Orbis   Jon J. Deegan, 1951 {George Ratcliff}
10 -
Man, Woman, and Android   George Hay, 1951 {George Ratcliff}
11 -
The Last Mutation   H. J. Campbell, 1951 {George Ratcliff}
12 -
Ten Years to Oblivion   Clem MacCartney, 1951 {George Ratcliff}
13 -
Beam of Terror  Roy Sheldon, 1951 {D.L.W.}
14 -
Planet of Power   Jon J. Deegan, 1951 {D.L.W.}
15 -
Report from Mandazo   Lee Stanton, 1951 {D.L.W.}
16 -
The Moon is Heaven   H. J. Campbell, 1951 {D.L.W.}
17 -
Coming of the Darakua   F. G. Rayer, 1952 {D.L.W.}
18 -
Chaos in Miniature   H. J. Campbell, 1952 {D.L.W.}
19 -
Space Warp  Roy Sheldon, 1952 {D.L.W.}
20 -
Earth, Our New Eden   F. G. Rayer, 1952 {Vann}
21 -
Alien Impact   E. C. Tubb, 1952 {Davies}
22 -
Mice or Machines   H. J. Campbell, 1952 {Davies}
23 -
The Singing Spheres   Jon J. Deegan, 1952 {Davies}
24 -
Aftermath   Bryan Berry, 1952 {Davies}
25 -
The Plastic Peril   Roy Sheldon, 1952 {Pollack}
26 -
Martians in a Frozen World   Rick Conroy, 1952 {Pollack}
27 -
Star of Death   Roy Sheldon, 1952 {Davies}
28 -
We Cast No Shadow   F. G. Rayer, 1952 {Vann}

Authentic Science Fiction Hand-Book  1954 {uncredited}
   NOTE: This is a pamphlet, glossary-dictionary of commonly used science-fiction words. Necessary for the completist.


Background Books Ltd (UK digest)
Not For The Squeamish   D.(avid) Scott-Moncrieff, 1948
NOTE: A thin digest; considering this book was banned in many places for content, it tends to turn up quite often. 
   Worth obtaining “cheap” if possible for the vibrant cover art, but not for the fiction.


Barrington-Gray Ltd. (UK digest)
The Moon Monsters   Roy Marquis, 1951 {uncredited}


Bear Hudson (UK small digest)
Spawn of the Vampire  N. Wesley Firth, 1946 {H W Perl}
The Terror From Timorkal   Festus Pragnell, 1946 {uncredited}
NOTE: A paperback imitating the successful Armed Service Editions in similar oblong format.


Blue Star (see: Grafton Publications)


Boardman (see: T. V. Boardman)


Brown-Watson, Ltd. (UK; see the Digit imprint)
Sinister Forces   Alvin Westwood, 1953 {Turner}
North Dimension   William Rogersohn, 1954 {Davies}
Return to Mars  Elton Westward, 1954 {Davies}
Amiro  William Rogersohn, 1954 {Osborne}


Cherry Tree (Series: Fantasy Books) (UK paperback, imprint of Kemsley Newspapers, Ltd)
400 -
John Carstairs: Space Detective   Frank Belknap Long, 1951 {Embleton}
401 -
The Kid from Mars   Oscar J. Friend, 1951 {Maloney}
402 -
The Sunken World   Stanton A. Coblentz, 1951 {Maloney}
403 -
Flight into Space   Donald Wollheim, 1951 {Maloney}
404 -
The Last Spaceship   Murray Leinster, 1952 {Maloney}
405 -
Gabriel over the White House   Thomas F. Tweed, 1952 {uncredited}
406 -
Ralph 124C 41+   Hugo Gernsback, 1952 {Maloney}
407 -
Sinister Barrier   Eric Frank Russell, 1952 {Maloney}
408 -
The Thing From Another World   J. W. Campbell, 1953 {Maloney}
409 -
Typewriter in the Sky   L. Ron Hubbard, 1953 {Embleton}
410 -
Vanguard to Neptune   J. M. Walsh, 1953 {Turner}
411 -
Solution t-25   T. Du Bois, 1953 {Embleton}


Cleveland Publishing Co. (Australian pamphlet)
The Mystery of the Abominable Snowman  Michael Waugh, 1954-55
   NOTE: A novelty item, a sure-must for the completist of the following author’s series below:
   The following 3 are a “Vampire” series, however, the first 2 deal with a mad scientist resurrecting the dead (zombie novels) and are thus not vampire novels.
   The third on the other hand is a vampire novelette.

The Living Dead  Michael Waugh, 1954-55

Back from the Dead  Michael Waugh, 1954-55
Fangs of the Vampire  Michael Waugh, 1954-55


Comyns (Publishers) Ltd. (UK; digest)

Zhorani   Karl Maras, 1953 {Turner}
Venusian Adventure   E. C. Tubb, 1953 {uncredited}
Peril from Space   Karl Maras, 1954 {Turner}


Currawong Pub. Co. (Australia; pamphlet)
The Living Dead  J.W. Heming, 1940/1941
Subterranean City  J.W. Heming, 1940/1941 {John Andrews} 
King of the Underseas   J.W. Heming, 1941 {John Andrews}                  
Other Worlds   J.W. Heming, 1941 {John Andrews}
From Earth To Mars   J.W. Heming, 1941 {John Andrews}
In Aztec Hands  J.W. Heming, 1942 {John Andrews}
Time Marches Off  Paul de Wreder, 1942    
The Ape of God   Vol Molesworth, 1943           
Monster at Large   Vol Molesworth, 1943    
The Wizard Returns   Vol Molesworth, 1943
Prelude For Death   Vol Molesworth, 1944  
Satan's Understudy   Vol Molesworth, 1944 

The Swordsmen of Rome  Alan Connell, 1945

   NOTE: The following are a juvenile fantasy series, sort of Tarzan-like. They were reprinted in one volume in the 1990s.

   The three were reportedly originally first published as “The Reign of the Reptiles” in Wonder Stories [August 1935] but this is untrue.
Lords of Serpent Land   Alan Connell, 1945
Prisoners of Serpent Land   Alan Connell, 1945                                               
Warriors of Serpent Land   Alan Connell, 1945


Curtis Warren, Ltd. (UK digest)
The Earth Invasion Battalion   Denis Hughes, 1950 {Ratcliff} 
The Green Mandarin Mystery   Grant Malcolm, 1950 {Theobald}                 
Murder by Telecopter   Denis Hughes, 1950 {Ratcliff} 
Laboratory “X”   David Shaw, 1950 {Maloney}
Planet Federation   David Shaw, 1950 {Maloney}
Formula 695   Denis Hughes, 1950 {Maloney}
Warlords of Space   Denis Hughes, 1950 {Theobald}
Gyrator Control  King Lang, 1951 {Theobald}
Moon War   Denis Hughes, 1951 {Theobald}
Space Men  David Shaw, 1951 {Theobald}
Astro Race   King Lang, 1951 {Theobald}
Hostile Worlds   Gill Hunt, 1951 {Theobald}
Planet X   Gill Hunt, 1951 {Theobald}
Task Flight   King Lang, 1951 {Theobald}
Elektron Union   Gill Hunt, 1951 {Theobald}
Rocket Invasion   King Lang, 1951 {Theobald}
Spaceflight  Gill Hunt, 1951 {Theobald}
Spatial Ray  Gill Hunt, 1951 {Theobald}
Projectile War   King Lang, 1951 {Theobald}
Saturn Patrol   King Lang, 1951 {Theobald} – E. C. Tubb’s first ever novel.
Vega   Gill Hunt, 1951 {Theobald}
Planetfall   Gill Hunt, 1951 {Theobald} – E. C. Tubb’s second ever novel.
Galactic Storm  Gill Hunt, 1951 {Theobald} – John Brunner’s first ever novel.
Fission   Gill Hunt, 1952 {Theobald}
Terra!  King Lang, 1952 {Theobald}
Catalyst   Brad Kent, 1952 {Theobald}
Argentis   Brian Shaw, 1952 {Theobald} – E. C .Tubb’s third ever novel.

The Fatal Law   Brad Kent, 1952 {Theobald}
Ominous Folly   Ray Barry, 1952 {Theobald}
Trans-Mercurian   King Lang, 1952 {Theobald}
Para-Robot   Neil Charles, 1952 {Theobald}
Space-Line   King Lang, 1952 {Theobald}
Zero Field  Gill Hunt, 1952 {Theobald}
Death Dimension   Ray Barry, 1952 {Theobald}
Station 7   Gill Hunt, 1952 {Theobald}
Titan’s Moon   Neil Charles, 1952 {Theobald}
Blue Peril  Ray Barry, 1952 {Davies}
“A” Men   Rand Le Page, 1952 {Davies}
Biology “A”  Brad Kent, 1952 {Davies}
Destination Alpha   Berl Cameron, 1952 {Davies}
Red Storm   Brian Storm, 1952 {Davies}
Out of the Silent Places   Brad Kent, 1952 {Davies}
Gamma Product   Ray Barry, 1952 {Davies}
Satellite B.C.   Rand Le Page, 1952 {Davies}
War Of Argos  Rand Le Page, 1952 {Davies}
Photomesis   Berl Cameron, 1952 {Davies}
Humanoid Puppets  Ray Barry, 1952 {Theobald}
Black Infinity  Berl Cameron, 1952 {Theobald}
Twenty Four Hours  Neil Charles, 1952 {Davies} 
Blue Asp  Rand Le Page, 1952 {Davies} 
The Queen People  Russell Rey, 1952 {Theobald}
Cosmic Echelon  Berl Cameron, 1952 {Davies} 
Beyond These Suns  Rand Le Page, 1952 {Davies} 
Time And Space  Rand Le Page, 1952 {Davies} 
Blue Cordon   Dee Carter, 1952 {Theobald}
Bio-Muton  Lee Elliott, 1952 {Davies} 
Zero Point   Rand Le Page, 1952 {Davies} 
Stella Radium Discharge   Kris Luna, 1952 {Davies} 
Ships of Vero   Brain Shaw, 1952 {Theobald}
The Land of Esa  Neil Charles, 1952 {Theobald}
The Third Mutant  Lee Elliott, 1952 {Davies}   
Two Worlds   Paul Lorraine, 1952 {Theobald}
Maid of Thuro   John Lane, 1952 {Theobald}
Zenith-D   Paul Lorraine, 1952 {Davies}   
Chloroplasm   Dee Carter, 1952 {Davies}   
Sphero Nova  Berl Cameron, 1953 {Theobald}
Purple Islands   Dee Carter, 1953 {Facey}
Lost Aeons   Berl Cameron, 1953 {Davies}   
Dark Boundaries   Paul Lorraine, 1953 {Facey}
Asteroid Forma   Rand Le Page, 1953 {Davies}   
Planet Tha  Neil Charles, 1953 {Facey}
Z-Formations  Bryan Shaw, 1953 {Facey}
Beyond Geo  Arn Romilus, 1953 {Facey}
Brain Palaeo  Arn Romilus, 1953 {Davies}   
The Mortals of Reni  Von Gruen, 1953 {Davies}   
Solar Gravita  Berl Cameron, 1953 {Davies}   
Beyond Zoaster  Neil Charles, 1953 {Davies}
Pre-Gargantua  Neil Charles, 1953 {Davies}
People of Asa  Marvin Ashton, 1953 {Davies}
Tri-Planet  Von Kellar, 1953 {Davies}
Cosmic Conquest  Adrian Blair, 1953 {Davies}
Lost World   Brian Shaw, 1953 {Davies}
Dwellers in Space  Van Reed, 1953 {Davies}
Valley of Terror  Russell Ray, 1953 {Davies}
World of Gol  Neil Charles, 1953 {Davies}
Ionic Barrier  Von Kellar, 1953 {Davies}
House of Many Changes  Van Reed, 1953 {Davies}
Overlord New York  Lee Elliot, 1953 {Davies}
Mammalia  John Lane, 1953 {Davies}
Research Opta  Neil Charles, 1953 {Davies}
Operation Orbit  Kris Luna, 1953 {Davies}
Southern Exploration  Adam Dale, 1953 {uncredited}
Organic Destiny  Arn Romilus, 1953 {Davies}
Ferry Rocket  George Kinley, 1954 {Davies} – Edmund Cooper’s 1st SF novel
Pacific Advance  G. R. Melde, 1954 {Davies}
Experiment in Telepathy  E. R. Royce, 1954 {uncredited}
Challenge   H. K. Bulmer, 1954 {Davies}
Time Drug   Miles Casson, 1954 {Davies}
The Seeing Knife   Crawley Fenton, 1954 {Davies}

Curtis Warren: Jungle Novels (UK digest)
Death Warriors   Marco Garon, 1952
Silent River   Marco Garon, 1952
Snake Valley   Marco Garon, 1952
Black Fury   Marco Garon, 1952
Black Sport  Marco Garon, 1952
Bush Claws  Marco Garon, 1952
Jungle Allies  Marco Garon, 1952
Leopard God  Marco Garon, 1952
Veldt Warriors  Marco Garon, 1952
Mountain Gold  Marco Garon, 1952
Fire Tribes  Marco Garon, 1952
White Gold  Marco Garon, 1952

Curtis Warren: Azan the Ape Man series (UK digest)
Jungle Fever   Marco Garron, 1952
King Hunters   Marco Garron, 1952
The Lost City  Marco Garron, 1952
The Missing Safari  Marco Garron, 1952
White Fangs   Marco Garron, 1952
Tribal War   Marco Garron, 1952


Dragon Books (UK digest, successor to Scion Ltd)
Creature from the Black Lagoon  Vargo Statten, 1954 {Richards}
1,000-Year Voyage  Vargo Statten, 1954 {Turner} 
Earth 2  Vargo Statten, 1955 {Richards}


Duchess Printing & Publishing Co, Ltd. (Canadian digest)
Brigands of the Moon   J.W. Campbell, 1944 {uncredited}
NOTE: Erroneously credited to Campbell, really is a reprinted Ray Cummings novel.


Edwin Self (UK digest)
Destination Mars   George Sheldon Brown, 1951 {Turner} 
The Planetoid Peril   George Sheldon Brown, 1952 {Maloney}
The Mystery Planet   Edgar Rees Kennedy, 1952 {Maloney} 
Conquerors of Venus   Edgar Rees Kennedy, 1953 {Turner} 
Curse of Planet Kuz   Erle van Loden, 1953 {Maloney}
The Yellow Planet  George Sheldon Browne, 1954 {Turner}  
Voyage into Space  Erle van Loden, 1954 {Turner} 


Everybody's Books (UK pamphlets and digests) circa 1940s
Gamma Ray Murders  Preston Yorke, 1943 {Jeff Cook}
The Grim Caretaker  Eugene Ascher, 1944 {Doug}
Uncanny Adventures  Eugene Ascher, 1944 {Doug}
Land Of Hidden Death  Justin Atholl, 1944
The Grey Beast   Justin Atholl, 1944 {Douglas}
The Trackless Thing   Justin Atholl, 1944
The Queer Looking Box: Seven Gripping Stories  Michael Hervey, 1944


Export Publishing Enterprises, Ltd (Canadian digest)

I Found Cleopatra   Thomas P. Kelly, 1946
NOTE: By-line on this book is erroneously spelled; surname should be “Kelley”


Fantasy Books (see: Cherry Tree)


Fantasy Fiction (see: Whitman Press)


Fantasy Library (see: Mark Goulden)


Fireside Publications (Canadian large digest)

One of Cleopatra’s Nights  Theophile Gautier
NOTE: An anthology containing at least 2 fantasy/ghost stories

Playthings of Desire  W. H. Hudson
NOTE: Unconfirmed, but might be the utopian novel “A Crystal Age” but don’t hold me to that.

Rocket Flight to the Moon  Jules Verne
NOTE: A retitling of “From The Earth to the Moon”


Gannet Press (UK digest)
The “X” People  Vektis Brack, 1953 {Facey}
The Brains of Helle  Bengo Mistral, 1953 {Facey}
Castaway from Space  Vektis Brack, 1953 {Theobald}  
Pirates of Cerebus  Bengo Mistral, 1953 {Theobald}   
Far Beyond the Blue  Drax Amper, 1953 {Theobald}  
Worlds Away!  Cragg Beemish, 1953 {Theobald}
Trouble Planet  Mark Steel, 1954 {uncredited}
Global Blackout  Karl Vallance, 1954 {Theobald}  
Odyssey in Space  Vektis Brack, 1954 {Facey}
Space Flight 139  Bengo Mistral, 1954 {Mendoza as ‘Ferrari’}


Gaywood Press (UK digest)
The Trembling World   Astron del Martia, 1949 {Leroi}
Freaks Against Supermen   R. L. Finn, 1950 {Leroi}
Dawn of Darkness   Astron del Martia, 1951 {Leroi}
Captive on the Flying Saucers   Ralph L. Finn, 1951 {Leroi}
Space Pirates   Astron del Martia, 1951 {Leroi}
Interstellar Espionage   Astron del Martia, 1952 {Leroi}


Gerald G. Swan (UK pamphlet)
They Came From Mars  W. P. Cockcroft, 1945
The Dark City   Kay Hammond, 1942 (aka Weird Pocket Library # 1)
Smith Minor On The Moon  Philip Hardy, 1940s – Schoolboys’ 3d Pocket Library # 19      
The Buried County  Philip Hardy, 1940s – Schoolboys’ 3d Pocket Library # 26       

   NOTE: A compilation by GG Swan exists, includes the two Philip Hardy tales, entitled Schoolboys Five-In-One.
   Unfortunately, the covers have been removed from each pamphlet inside and the cover to the compilation does nothing to advertise the content(s).
   This copy is a tall digest; for completists only.

Gerald G. Swan (UK digest)
The Moon Conquerors   R. H. Romans, 1943 (anthology)
Into the Fourth Dimension   Ray Cummings, 1943 (anthology)
Four-In-One Weird and Occult Shorts   1949 (collection)
The Great Mirror   Arthur J. Burks, 1952 {uncredited}
The Man on the Meteor   Ray Cummings, 1952 {uncredited, adaptation of Hannes Bok cover}
Weird and Occult Miscellany  1955 (collection)  most sites and books erroneously state this was 1949, because every researcher plagiarizes. They are wrong.


Grafton Publications (Irish digest)
Realm of the Alien   Chester Delray, circa 1945 {uncredited}
NOTE: An incredibly scarce Irish publication, featuring horrible and thankfully uncredited cover art.


Hamilton & Co. (UK digest)
Blood on the Dragon  Earl Ellison, 1946 {H. W. Perl}
The Tomb of Horror  Earl Ellison, 1946
The Terror Strikes   N. Wesley Firth, 1946 {H. W. Perl}
Emperor Of Mars   John Russell Fearn, 1950 {Maloney}
Warrior Of Mars  John Russell Fearn, 1950 {Maloney}
Red Men Of Mars  John Russell Fearn, 1950 {Maloney}
Goddess Of Mars   John Russell Fearn, 1950 {Maloney}
Space Beam  John Robb, 1951 {Ratcliff}
Dark Side Of Venus   Clem Macartney, 1951 {Ratcliff}
Return To Earth   Bryan Berry, 1951 {Ratcliff}
Duel In Nightmare Worlds   B. Flackes, 1952 {Ratcliff}
This Planet For Sale   George Hay, 1951 {Ratcliff}
Flight Of The Hesper  George Hay, 1952 {Ratcliff}
Moment Out Of Time   Roy Sheldon, 1952 {J. Pollack}
Mammoth Man   Roy Sheldon, 1952 {Ratcliff}


Hampton Press (UK: pamphlet)
Corpse Parade  Michael Hervey, 1946
Creeps Medley  Michael Hervey, 1946
Crime Medley  Michael Hervey, 1945
G Is For Ghoul !  Michael Hervey, 1946      
Ghost Voice  Michael Hervey, 1946
Horror Medley  Michael Hervey, 1945
Suspicion  Michael Hervey, 1946


Harborough Publishing Co. (UK digest)

1 - Shuna, White Queen of the Jungle   John King, 1951 {Heade}
2 -
Shuna and the Lost Tribe   John King, 1951 {Heade}


Hector Kelly (UK digest)
Space-Time Task Force   Preston Yorke, 1953 {uncredited}
Enemy Beyond Pluto  Jean Gaston Vandel, 1954 {Brantonne}
NOTE: Cover states this French novel was translated by Eugene Ascher;
   It was originally printed in France, part of the Anticipation series, # 21, as “Attentat Cosmique” by Jean-Gaston Vandel


Horror Club (UK: tall pamphlet)
The Vaivaisukko's Bride   David Scott-Moncrieff, late 1940s  
   NOTE: A fun item to hunt; not banned as “Not for the Squeamish” was by Background Books, but one must collect both by this author.

   Collectors often erroneously search for this under the title of “The Horror Club” as this cover the cover, instead of the actual title.
   Dealers make the same mistake.


J. Dennett (Australia pamphlet)
Wolfblood  Vol Molesworth, 1944 {uncredited}


John Spencer & Co. (UK digest)
Zamba of the Jungle  John Raymond, 1950s {uncredited}
After the Atom  Victor La Salle, 1953 {Light}
Assault from Infinity  Victor La Salle, 1953 {Light}
The Black Sphere  Victor La Salle, 1953 {Light}
Dawn of the Half-Gods  Victor La Salle, 1953 {Theobald}
The 7th Dimension Victor La Salle, 1953 {Davies} 
Suns in Duo   Victor La Salle, 1953 {Davies} 
Beyond the Galaxy  Karl Zeigfreid, 1953 {Light}
Chaos in Arcturus  Karl Zeigfreid, 1953 {Embleton}
Chariot into Time  Karl Zeigfreid, 1953 {Light}
The Uranium Seekers  Karl Zeigfreid, 1953 {Theobald}
Menace from Mercury  Victor La Salle, 1954 {Theobald}
Twilight Zone  Victor La Salle, 1954 {Theobald}
Dark Centauri  Karl Zeigfreid, 1954 {Theobald}
This Second Earth   R. L. Bowers, 1957


Jubilee Publications Pty. Ltd. (Australian digest) – a minor series of reprinted American material.
211 -
Beyond the Stars and Other Stories  1958 {uncredited}
212 -
Space Station 42 and Other Stories  1958 {uncredited}
213 -
The Sands of Mars and Other Stories  1958 {uncredited}
214 -
Planet of Doom and Other Stories  1958 {uncredited}
215 -
Year 3097  R.D. Miller and A. Hunger, 1958 {uncredited} 
216 - The Mars Monopoly, Jerry Sohl, 1958 {uncredited}


Kaner Publishing (digest)
Slaves of Ijax   John Russell Fearn, 1946 {H.W. Perl}
NOTE: Extremely common due to a warehouse find some decades ago.
Ape-Man's Offering   H. Kaner, 1946 {H.W. Perl}


Kaye Publications (UK digest)
Tremor   Frank Lederman, 1952 {Turner}
NOTE: The original painting does exist. A Spanish dealer now residing in Paris contacted me in Sept 2009 and showed proof of its existence.


Lloyd Cole (pamphlet / thin digest)

Fantastic Fiction Series

[No. 1] – Thieves of the Air  Festus Pragnell & Benson Herbert, circa 1943 {H. W. Perl}

[No. 2] – Strange Romance  Benson Herbert, circa 1943


Mark Goulden (Series: Fantasy Library) (UK digest)
The Human Bat   Edward R. Home-Gall, 1950 {Davies}
The Human Bat v. The Robot Gangster   Edward R. Home-Gall, 1950 {Davies}


Merit Books (UK digest)
The Hand of Havoc   Charles Grey, 1954 {Turner}
Enterprise 2115   Charles Grey, 1954 {Turner}


Milestone Publications, Ltd. (UK digest)
Planetoid Disposals, Ltd.   Volsted Gridban, 1953 {Turner}                          
Fugitive of Time  Volsted Gridban, 1953 {Turner}
The Wall   Charles Grey, 1953 {Turner}
Dynasty of Doom   Charles Grey, 1953 {Turner}
Tormented City   Charles Grey, 1953 {Turner}
Space Hunger   Charles Grey, 1953 {Turner}
NOTE: The original painting DOES exist. I sold it to Lloyd Currey around 1999 for $2000,
   though he claims not to recall such a transaction between us! From there, who knows where it went.
I Fight for Mars Charles Grey, 1953 {Turner}
The Extra Man   Charles Grey, 1954 {Turner}


Mitre Press (UK pamphlets or digest)

Tales of Terror and Surprise  Collection, circa late 1941 or 1942 {Jeff Cook}  
NOTE: The cover did not feature a cover price, hence the marked cover.
The Oasis of Sleep  Justin Atholl, 1944 {Jeff Cook}
The Man Who Tilted The Earth  Justin Atholl, 1943 {uncredited, likely Jeff Cook}
The Man Who Tilted The Earth  Justin Atholl, 1943 {uncredited, likely Jeff Cook} 

  NOTE: Two editions exist. It is unclear which came first. The paper stock thickness differs, the cover wraps paper stock also differs.

Death in the Green Fields  Justin Atholl, 1944 {uncredited, likely Doug}
Uncanny  George C. Bachelor, 1945 {H W Perl}
There Were No Asper Ladies  Eugene Ascher, 1944 {Jeff Cook}
Strange Stories of the Orient Express  R. Thurston Hopkins, 1944
Uncanny Tales  R. Thurston Hopkins, 1945 {H W Perl}
Weird and Uncanny Stories  R. Thurston Hopkins, 1945
Horror Parade  R. Thurston Hopkins, 1945 {H W Perl}
   NOTE:  A very common title as it was heavily exported to the United States, commonly found with a stamp and original price marked out.
   Dealers overcharge for this commonly found “state”
Horror Parade  R. Thurston Hopkins, 1945 {H W Perl}
   NOTE: Same edition as the former, but this copy was never exported. Just wanted to show what an unblemished edition looks like. 


Modern Fiction (UK digest)

Liquid Death  Griff, 1953 – written by John Russell Fearn, has slight science fiction tones, but essentially a gangster-type of novel


Moring (see: Alex Moring)


Nova Publications (UK digest)
Stowaway to Mars   John Beynon, 1953 {Hutchings}
The Weapon Shops of Isher  A.E. van Vogt, 1954 {Quinn} 
The City in the Sea  Wilson Tucker, 1954 {Quinn} 
The Dreaming Jewels  Theodore Sturgeon, 1955 {Quinn}
Jack of Eagles  James Blish, 1955 {Quinn} 


The Opus Press (UK pamphlet)
The Face in the Mirror and Other Stories  circa 1946 {Denis McLoughlin}
   NOTE: Quite possibly the earliest “weird” cover art by Denis McLoughlin, whom contributed most of T V Boardman’s covers and various comics


Paladin Press (UK digest)
Alien Life  E. C. Tubb, 1954 {Turner}
The Plant From Infinity   Karl Maras, 1954 {Turner}


Panther (UK digest)
nn -
Two Days Of Terror  Roy Sheldon, 1952 {Turner}
nn -
Space Treason  A. V. Clarke and H. K. Bulmer, 1952 {Davies}
nn -
And The Stars Remain  Bryan Berry, 1952 {Davies}
nn -
Atom-War On Mars  E. C. Tubb, 1952 {Davies}
Cybernetic Controller  A. V. Clarke and H. K. Bulmer, 1952 {Davies} 
nn -
Mission From Mars   Rick Conroy, 1952 {Pollack}
16 -
The Menacing Sleep  Roy Sheldon, 1952 {Davies}
17 -
Underworld Of Zello   Jon J. Deegan, 1952 {Davies}
28 -
Dread Visitor  Bryan Berry, 1952 {Davies}
nn -
Beyond The Visible  H. J. Campbell, 1952/1953 {Ratcliff}
nn -
Born In Captivity  Bryan Berry, 1952/1953 {Ratcliff}
29 -
Encounter In Space   H. K. Bulmer, 1952 {Davies}
32 -
Amateurs In Alchemy   Jon J. Deegan, 1952 {Davies}
37 -
Space Salvage   H. K. Bulmer, 1953 {Davies}
38 -
The Mutants Rebel   E. C. Tubb, 1953 {Ratcliff}
39 -
Antro, The Life-Giver   Jon J. Deegan, 1953 {Ratcliff}
40 -
From What Far Star?  Bryan Berry, 1953 {Davies}
44 -
The World Below  S. Fowler Wright, 1953 {Richards}
47 -
Atoms In Action   Roy Sheldon, 1953 {Davies}
48 -
The Stars Are Ours  H. K. Bulmer, 1953 {Richards}       
57 -
The Venom-Seekers  Bryan Berry, 1953 {Ratcliff}       
58 -
The Great Ones  Jon J. Deegan, 1953 {Turner}
59 -
House Of Entropy  Roy Sheldon, 1953 {Richards}
60 -
Galactic Intrigue  H. K. Bulmer, 1953 {Richards}
67 -
Another Space, Another Time  H. J. Campbell, 1953 {Richards}       
68 -
Resurgent Dust   Rolf Garner, 1953 {Richards}
69 -
Empire of Chaos  H. K. Bulmer, 1953 {Richards}
70 -
Dimension of Horror  S. J. Bounds, 1953 {Richards}
77 -
The Red Planet  H. J. Campbell, 1953 {Richards}
78 -
The Immortals  Rolf Garner, 1953 {Richards}
85 -
Corridors of Time   Jon J. Deegan, 1953 {Richards}
86 -
Brain Ultimate  H. J. Campbell, 1953 {Richards}
92 -
Sprague De Camp’s New Anthology  H. J. Campbell, 1953 {Richards}
94 -
The Dark Gateway  Jonathan Burke, 1953 {Richards}
95 -
Dark Andromeda   A. J. Merak, 1953 {Richards}
96 -
Beyond The Fourth Door  Jon J. Deegan, 1953 {Richards}   
101 -
Tomorrow’s Universe  H. J. Campbell, 1954 {Richards}
103 -
The Echoing Worlds   Jonathan Burke, 1953 {Richards}
nn -
The Dwellers  S. Fowler Wright, 1954 {Richards}       
104 -
The Indestructible  Rolf Garner, 1954 {Richards}       
109 -
The Metal Eater  Roy Sheldon, 1954 {Richards}
110 -
World At Bay   E. C. Tubb, 1954 {Richards}
117 -
Exiles In Time   Jon J. Deegan, 1954 {Richards}
118 -
Twilight Of Reason  Jonathan Burke, 1954 {Richards}      
135 -
Hotel Cosmos   Jonathan Burke, 1954 {Richards}
136 -
Untrodden Streets of Time   John Falkner, 1954 {Richards}
159 -
World Aflame  H. K. Bulmer, 1954 {Richards}
160 -
Once Upon a Space  H. J. Campbell, 1954 {Richards}
181 -
Cee-Tee Man  Dan Morgan, 1955 {Josh Kirby}       
182 -
Deep Freeze   Jonathan Burke, 1955 {Ron Turner} 
192 -
Revolt of The Humans   Jonathan Burke, 1955 {Richards}
193 -
Overlords of Andromeda   John Falkner, 1955 {Richards}


Pedigree Books (aka: Edwin Self) (UK digest paperback)

Burn Witch, Burn  Abe Merritt, 1957


Pendulum Publications, Ltd. (UK small digest)
Sf1 -
Wings Across Time   Frank R. Arnold, 1946 {Wilkin}
Sf2 -
Other Eyes Watching   Polton Cross, 1946 {Wilkin}
Fantasy1 -
Jinn & Jitters   edited by Ted Carnell, 1946 {Mendoza}
   NOTE: First fantasy collection Carnell ever edited.


Pictorial Art Ltd. (UK tall pamphlet)

Corpses Can Walk And Other Stories  R. Thurston Hopkins, 1940s {N. L.}


Pillar Publishing (Ireland)
Dread of Night  Elliott O'Donnell, 1945


Popular (Canadian tall digest)

The Immortals  Ralph Milne Farley, 1940s
   NOTE: Reprint from the American pulps


Regal Books (UK paperback)
The Island of Captain Sparrow   S. Fowler Wright, 1953 {Norman}
The Screaming Lake   S. Fowler Wright, 1953 {Norman}


Regular Publications (UK digest)
Threatened People   George Borodin, 1954 {uncredited}


Robin Hood Press (UK digest)
There Were No Asper Ladies  Eugene Ascher, 1946 {E. P.} (cover artist might be: E. Phillips)
There Were No Asper Ladies  Eugene Ascher, late 1946; early 1947 {Heade}


Science Fiction Library (see: Atlas Publications)


Scientific Thriller (Associated General Publications (1st two only), the remainder by Transport: Australian pamphlet)

Atomic Death  Hans Karlson, 1948 {Maurice Bramley}
Jaws Of Doom  Boris Ludwig, 1948 {Maurice Bramley}
Hypnotic Death  Paul Valdez, 1949 {Maurice Bramley}
Blackmarket Brains  Kurt Hoffman, 1949 {Maurice Bramley}
Death Is A Habit  Otto Kensch, 1949 {Maurice Bramley}
X-Ray Menace  Wolfe Herscholt, 1949 {Maurice Bramley}    
Whistle Of Doom  Boris Ludwig, 1949 {Maurice Bramley
Death Has No Weight  Belli Luigi, 1949 {Maurice Bramley
Magnetic Peril  Wolfe Herscholt, 1949 {Maurice Bramley}
Murder Has Wings  Otto Kensch, 1949 {Maurice Bramley}  
Cosmic Calamity   Belli Luigi, 1949 {Maurice Bramley
Lightning Crime  Belli Luigi, 1949 {Maurice Bramley}  
The Curse Of Blood  Wolfe Herscholt, 1949 {Maurice Bramley}
Time Has A Door  Otto Kensch, 1949 {Maurice Bramley}

The Mummy Walks  Belli Luigi, 1950 {Maurice Bramley}
King Rat  Stanford Heinkel, 1950 {Maurice Bramley}
Toppling Terror  Belli Luigi, 1950 {Maurice Bramley}

The Glowing Globe  Belli Luigi, 1950 {Maurice Bramley}
Image Of Death  Otto Kensch, 1950 {Maurice Bramley}
Crime Flies  Belli Luigi, 1950 {Maurice Bramley
Sleep Is Death  Otto Kensch, 1950 {Maurice Bramley}
Master-Mind Menace  Belli Luigi, 1950 {Maurice Bramley}
Curse Of The Mummy  Belli Luigi, 1950 {Maurice Bramley}
Depths Of Death   Belli Luigi, 1950 {Maurice Bramley
The Fatal Focus  Paul Valdez, 1950 {Maurice Bramley}

Lost Underworld   Belli Luigi, 1950 {Maurice Bramley}
The Time Thief  Paul Valdez, 1951 {Maurice Bramley}
The Freezing Peril Strikes  Belli Luigi, 1951 {Maurice Bramley}
Flight Into Horror  Paul Valdez, 1951 {Maurice Bramley}
Murder Gives Notice  Paul Valdez, 1951 
7 For Murder  Raymond Glenning, 1951 
The Corpse Sat Up  Paul Valdez, 1951 {Terry Brand}
   NOTE: (interior credits novel to Raymond Glenning)

Killer By Night  Paul Valdez, 1951
Ghosts Don’t Kill  Paul Valdez, 1951 
Satan’s Sabbath  Paul Valdez, 1951
You Can’t Keep Murder Out  Paul Valdez, 1951 
Kill Him Gently  Paul Valdez, 1951 
Celluloid Suicide  Paul Valdez, 1951
The Murder I Don’t Remember  Paul Valdez, 1952
There’s No Future In Murder  Paul Valdez, 1952
The Killer Who Wasn’t There  Paul Valdez, 1952 
   NOTE: (title credited inside as "The Crook Who Wasn't There")
Maniac Murders  Paul Valdez, 1952 
Feline Frame-Up  Paul Valdez, 1952


Scion, Limited (UK digest)
Annihilation   Vargo Statten, 1950 {Turner}
The Micro Men   Vargo Statten, 1950 {Turner}
Wanderer of Space   Vargo Statten, 1950 {Turner}
2,000 Years On   Vargo Statten, 1950 {Turner}
The Cosmic Flame   Vargo Statten, 1950 {Turner}
Nebula X   Vargo Statten, 1950 {Turner}
Inferno!  Vargo Statten, 1950 {Turner}
The Sun Makers  Vargo Statten, 1950 {Turner}
The Avenging Martian  Vargo Statten, 1951 {Turner}
Cataclysm   Vargo Statten, 1951 {Zero} 
Born of Luna   Vargo Statten, 1951 {Ratcliff}
Deadline to Pluto   Vargo Statten, 1951 {Turner}
The Red Insects   Vargo Statten, 1951 {Zero} 
The Petrified Planet   Vargo Statten, 1951 {Turner}
The Devouring Fire   Vargo Statten, 1951 {Turner}
The New Satellite   Vargo Statten, 1951 {Turner}
Sister Earth   Arnold Brede, 1951 {Ratcliff}
The Catalyst   Vargo Statten, 1951 {Turner}
The Renegade Star   Vargo Statten, 1951 {Turner}
Spawn of Space   Franz Harkon, 1952 {Turner}
The Inner Cosmos   Vargo Statten, 1952 {Turner}
Space Warp   Vargo Statten, 1952 {Turner}
The Time Bridge   Vargo Statten, 1952 {Turner}
The Eclipse Express   Vargo Statten, 1952 {Turner}
The Man from Tomorrow   Vargo Statten, 1952 {Turner}
Laughter in Space   Vargo Statten, 1952 {Turner}
The G-Bomb   Vargo Statten, 1952 {Turner}
Worlds to Conquer  Vargo Statten, 1952 {Light}
The Last Martian   Vargo Statten, 1952 {Light}
Across the Ages   Vargo Statten, 1952 {Light}
The Time Trap   Vargo Statten, 1952 {Davis}
Decreation  Vargo Statten, 1952 {Davis}
Science Metropolis   Vargo Statten, 1952 {Mendoza}
Alien Universe   Volsted Gridban, 1952 {Ratcliff}
To the Ultimate   Vargo Statten, 1952 {Davies}
Reverse Universe   Volsted Gridban, 1952 {Richards}
Burning Void  Vector Magroon, 1952 {Ratcliff}
Ultra Spectrum  Vargo Statten, 1953 {Turner}
The Dust Destroyers   Vargo Statten, 1953 {Richards}
DeBracy’s Drug  Volsted Gridban, 1953 {Richards}
Black-Wing of Mars  Vargo Statten, 1953 {Richards}
Man in Duplicate  Vargo Statten, 1953 {Richards}
Moons for Sale   Volsted Gridban, 1953 {Turner}
Zero Hour   Vargo Statten, 1953 {Turner}
The Dyno Depressant  Volsted Gridban, 1953 {Turner}
The Black Avengers   Vargo Statten, 1953 {Turner}
The Magnetic Brain   Volsted Gridban, 1953 {Turner}
Odyssey of Nine   Vargo Statten, 1953 {Turner}
Pioneer 1990   Vargo Statten, 1953 {Turner}
Scourge of the Atom  Volsted Gridban, 1953 {Turner}
A Thing of the Past   Volsted Gridban, 1953 {Ferrari}
The Interloper  Vargo Statten, 1953 {Ferrari}
Exit Life   Volsted Gridban, 1953 {Turner}
Man of Two Worlds  Vargo Statten, 1953 {Turner}
The Master Must Die   Volsted Gridban, 1953 {Turner}
The Lie Destroyer  Vargo Statten, 1953 {Turner}
Black Bargain   Vargo Statten, 1953 {Turner}
The Purple Wizard   Volsted Gridban, 1954 {Turner}
The Grand Illusion   Vargo Statten, 1954 {Turner}
The Genial Dinosaur   Volsted Gridban, 1954 {Turner}
Wealth of the Void  Vargo Statten, 1954 {Turner}
Frozen Limit  Volsted Gridban, 1954 {Turner}
A Time Appointed   Vargo Statten, 1954 {Turner}
City of No Return   E.C. Tubb, 1954 {Turner}
I Spy  Vargo Statten, 1954 {Turner}
I Came - I Saw - I Wondered  Volsted Gridban, 1954 {Turner}
The Lonely Astronomer   Volsted Gridban, 1954 {Turner}
Hell Planet  E. C. Tubb, 1954 {Turner}
Journey To Mars   E. C. Tubb, 1954 {Turner}
The Resurrected Man   E.C. Tubb, 1954 {Turner}
The Stellar Legion   E.C. Tubb, 1954 {Richards}
The Multi-Man  Vargo Statten, 1954 {Turner}

Scion Ltd.: Jungle Novels (UK digest)
The Gold of Akada   Earl Titan, 1951 {Turner}
Anjani The Mighty   Earl Titan, 1951 {Turner}
   NOTE:  The following Victor Norwood novels are part of the Jacare series, and in proper sequential order.
The Untamed  Victor Norwood, 1951 {Turner}

2. The Caves of Death   Victor Norwood, 1951 {Turner}
The Temple of the Dead   Victor Norwood, 1951 {Turner}
The Skull of Kanaima   Victor Norwood, 1951 {Turner}
The Island of Creeping Death   Victor Norwood, 1952 {Micklewright}

6. Cry of the Beast  Victor Norwood, 1953 {Richards}
Drums Along the Amazon  Victor Norwood, 1953


Sentinel Publications Ltd. (UK digest)
"H" Is For Horrific  Sutro Miller, 1947 {uncredited}
   NOTE: A collection of six ghost stories. All are likely reprints from English newspapers or magazines.


Shenstone Press (UK slim digest)
Terror-Trap (aka: Coming of the Beetle-Men)  Norman Lazenby, 1949 {uncredited}


Stanley Baker - Fantastic Science Thriller (UK digest)
Adventures on the Planets  Simon Querry, 1953 {Shilton}
Pirates in Space  William Causett, 1953 {Shilton}
A Spot on the Sun  Joseph Mois, 1954 {Shilton}
Planets of Peril  Clyde Marfax, 1954 {Shilton}
Conquerors of Space  Erroll Collins {Shilton}


Swan, Gerald G. (see: Gerald G. Swan)


T. V. Boardman (UK large mass-market paperbacks)
No Place like Earth  John Carnell, 1954 {McLoughlin}
The Big Eye  Max Ehrlich, 1954 {Pagram}
What Mad Universe  Fredric Brown, 1954 {Pagram}
Wrong Side of the Moon Francis and Stehpen Ashton, 1951 {Pagram}


Tempest Publications (UK digest)
Worlds At War   F. G. Rayer, 1949 {Holden} 


Tit-Bits Science Fiction Library (C. Arthur Pearson: UK digest)
The Hell Fruit   Lawrence F. Rose, 1953 {Turner}
Cosmic Exodus   Conrad Holt, 1953 {Turner}
Doomed Nation of the Skies  Steve Future, 1953 {Turner}
The Star Seekers   F. G. Rayer, 1953 {Turner}
Before the Beginning   M. Reisen, 1954 {Turner}
The Living World   Carl Maddox, 1954 {Turner}
Menace from the Past   Carl Maddox, 1954 {Turner}
Mission to the Stars   Philip Kent, 1954 {Turner}
Vassals of Venus   Philip Kent, 1954 {Turner}
Space Puppet   John Rackham, 1954 {Turner}
Slaves of the Spectrum   Philip Kent, 1954 {Turner}
The Master Weed   John Rackham, 1954 {Turner}
Jupiter Equilateral   John Rackham, 1954 {Turner}
The Dissentizens   Bruno G. Condray, 1954 {Turner}
Home is the Martian   Philip Kent, 1954 {Turner}
Slave Traders of the Sky   Steve Future, 1954 {Turner}
Exile from Jupiter   Bruno G. Condray, 1954 {Turner}
Alien Virus   John Rackham, 1954 {Turner}
Dimension of Illion   Irving Heine, 1954 {Turner}

Tit-Bits Science Fiction Library (C. Arthur Pearson: New Zealand edition)
Home is the Martian   Philip Kent, 1954 {Turner}

Tit-Bits Science Fiction Comics (C. Arthur Pearson: UK Digest Comic)
   NOTE:  Although all six have been reprinted, I will not feature the reprint editions.
   Also, a 7th Tit-Bits does exist, in French. All six below were translated in France, along with a 7th planned Tit-Bits.
   Pearsons killed the series, but France went ahead and printed it, all by Ron Turner.
Planet-X1: The New World  1953
The Terror On Titan  1953
The Dome of Survival, 1954
The Diemos Deadline  1954       
Captain Diamond and the Space Pirates  1954
The Scourge of the Carbon Belt  1954


Transport Publications: Radio Record Series (Australia: pamphlet)
Stratosphere Patrol   Vol Molesworth, 1943 {uncredited}
Spaceward Ho !   Vol Molesworth, 1944 {uncredited}
Three Rocketeers   Vol Molesworth, 1944 {uncredited}


Utopian Publications (UK 1940s pamphlets)
Dangerous Love  Ralph Milne Farley, 1946

Romance in Black  Gans T. Field, 1946 or 1947
Chez Robert (or Romance)  Gabriel Marlowe, 1946

Caracas  Gabriel Marlowe, 1946 or 1947

Utopian Publications: American Fiction series (UK pamphlets) – although each feature a nude photo, they have nothing to do with the contents.
nn (Sep '44) Girl In Trouble, E. Frank Parker
nn (Nov '44)
Arctic Bride  S. P. Meek (also Nasturtia, S. P. Meek) – grainy scan. Sorry.
nn (Feb '45)
Sea-Kissed   Robert Bloch (Lady in Wax, Beetles, The Totem Pole, all by Bloch)
   NOTE:   a variant edition exists containing Goper's Head by Benson Herbert
nn (July '45)
Lady In Danger   Jack Williamson (also Spanish Vampire, by E. H. Price, and The Curse of the House, by Robert Bloch)

   NOTE:   a variant edition exists containing Goper's Head by Benson Herbert
nn (Nov '45)
Tiger Girl   Edmond Hamilton (also Apprentice Magician, E. H. Price)
nn (Nov '45)
Love in Time   Johnson Harris
# 7 (Jan '46)
Murder in the Clinic  Edmond Hamilton (also The Island of Unreason, by Hamilton)
# 8 (Jan '46)
Youth Madness  Stanton A. Coblentz (also The Secret of Sebek, by Robert Bloch)
# 9 (Nov '45)
The Sex Serum   H. O. Dickinson (also The Red Swimmer, by Robert Bloch, and The Man With X-Ray Eyes, by Hamilton)

# 10 (Jan '46) Strange Offspring  Raymond A. Palmer (also The Malignant Entity, by O. A. Kline)
   NOTE:   # 11 does not exist
# 12 (Jan '46)
Master of Dreams  Harl Vincent (also Ham On Rye, C. Marlowe)


Peril of Creation, Edmund Burton, 1940s


Van der Elst Press Ltd (UK 1940s thin digests)
   NOTES: Violet Van der Elst self-published all of her own publications.
   In 1937, she also had two collections, On the Gallows, and The Torture Chamber, both by Doge Press.
   The latter certainly contains some reprinted material from her self-edited magazine, entitled Humanity, from 1935-1936.
   The last issues sported articles and a short story by her.
Death of the Vampire Baroness   Violet Van der Elst
The Sadistic Vampire, Violet Van der Elst
   NOTE: The above volume is thought not to exist. No copies have ever been sighted.

The Mummy Comes To Life  Violet Van der Elst
The Strange Doctor & Other Mystic Stories, Violet Van der Elst
The Satanic Power  Violet Van der Elst 
The Brain Master, Violet Van der Elst
# 8. The Secret Power, Violet Van der Elst – photo cover of the woman herself.
       The title of this is a reprint from the magazine she edited, HUMANITY from 1935-1936, 10 issues.


Whitman Press (Series: Fantasy Fiction) (Australian pamphlet)
The Three Eternals   Eando Binder, 1949
Where Eternity Ends   Eando Binder, 1950

Adam Link In The Past   Eando Binder, 1950

Parasite Planet   Stanley Weinbaum, 1949/50
Roar of the Rocket   Oscar J. Friend, 1950
The Molecule Monsters   Oscar J. Friend, 1950


World Distributors / Pemberton: World Fantasy Classics (UK digest) – the third through eighth listing herewith represent world-first paperback appearances, and are not staple-bound.
When the Earth Died   Karl Mannheim, 1950 {uncredited}
Vampires of Venus   Karl Mannheim, 1950 {uncredited}.
The Beasts from Beyond   Manly Wade Wellman, 1950 {Robert Osborne}
Tharkol, Lord of the Unknown   Edmond Hamilton, 1950 {Osborne?}

The Whispering Gorilla  David V. Reed, 1950 {Osborne?}
The Monsters of Juntonheim   Edmond Hamilton, 1950 {Osborne?}
Devil’s Planet   Manly Wade Wellman, 1950 {Osborne?}
Shadow Over Mars   Leigh Brackett, 1951 {Osborne?}
Master-Mind Menace  Belli Luigi, 1951 {Osborne?}
   NOTE: Originally printed in Australia, part of the Scientific Thriller series, as “Master Mind Menace”
The Metal Monster   Belli Luigi, 1951 {Osborne?}
   NOTE: Originally printed in Australia, part of the Scientific Thriller series, as “Crime Flies.”
   The artist made subtle cover changes, gave the dangling man some shoes and more durable clothing, the robot’s eyes now shoot lights. Compare the cover side-by-side. It is amusing.


World Distributors / WDL (UK paperback) 

To Kill A Corpse  Eugene Ascher, 1959 {Edgar Hodges}
   NOTE:  Originally released as “There Were No Asper Ladies,” this marks the fourth edition, but first under this title. 


World Distributors / Consul Books (UK paperback)

To Kill A Corpse  Eugene Ascher, 1965 {uncredited}


World's Work (UK tall pulp digest) World's Work Sixpennies No. 2
War of the Worlds  H. G. Wells, undated (1934) {Caney}





Publisher: Transport Publications (Australian pamphlet)
Action Monthly, about 14 issues, only 3 of SF interest (circa 1953-1955)

10 , 11, 12
Before the demise of Thrills Incorporated, this magazine ran all genres of fiction, except for science fiction. It is believed that when Thrills Inc expired, the publishers were left with some

excess stories. One science fiction story appeared in each of the above numbered issues only. The 10th issue featured a science fiction cover by renown illustrator Stanley Pitt.


Publisher: Charles Partington and Harry Nadler (UK semi-prozine)
Alien Worlds:
1 issue (1966)


Publisher: Ziff Davis (UK pulp)
Amazing Stories:
1 issue (1946) 


Publisher: Malian Press (Australian pamphlet)
American Science Fiction: 41 issues (1952-1955) all covers by Stanley Pitt (or as Safone Jais)

Red Death of Mars  R. M. Williams
Conquest of the Stars  Murray Leinster
The Man Who Sold the Moon  Robert A. Heinlein
The Soldado Ant  Murray Leinster
The Thing From Another World  John W. Campbell, Jr.

06. Death of the Moon  A. M. Phillips
The Unknown  Murray Leinster
Clash by Night  Lawrence O'Donnell
The Monster  Nelson Bond
Refuge for Tonight  Robert M. Williams
Adventure in Time  Philip St. John
Fires of Forever  Chad Oliver
Moonwalk  H. B. Fyfe
Moon-Blind  Erik Van Lhin
The Dead World  Clare Winger Harris & Miles J. Breuer
Dead Knowledge  John W. Campbell, Jr.
Elimination  John W. Campbell, Jr.

18. Danger Moon  James MacCreigh
Veiled Knowledge  Edwin James
The Invaders  Robert Spencer Carr
The Other Side  Walter Kubilius
Men Against the Stars  Manly Wade Wellman
The Lonely Planet  Murray Leinster
There Shall Be Darkness  C. L. Moore
Never Trust a Martian  Paul W. Fairman
The Ark of Mars  Leigh Brackett
Double Identity  Raymond Z. Gallun
Way of the Gods  Henry Kuttner
Remember Tomorrow  Henry Kuttner
Derelict of Space  Randall Garrett
The Moving Finger  Berkeley Livingston
Meteor of Death  Berkeley Livingston
Nine Worlds West  Paul W. Fairman
Sword of Tomorrow  Henry Kuttner
Common Time  James Blish
Of Such as These  Irving Cox Jr.
The Guthrie Method  Raymond Z. Gallun
As You Were  Henry Kuttner
The Irrationals  Milton Lesser
The Gift of the Gods  Raymond F. Jones
Stopwatch on the World  Daniel R. Gilgannon


Publisher: Unknown, in Montreal, Canada (digest)
Les Aventures Futuristes: 10 issues (circa 1949, not all issues were numbered)
A very obscure juvenile science fiction series featuring scientists, text fully in French.


Publisher: Veevers and Hensman Ltd. (UK digest)
Book of Weird Tales, A.
1 issue (circa 1960)
Collection of weird stories with the aid of Forrest J Ackerman. Contains one original story by Marion Zimmer Bradley.


Publisher: Scion (for V1#1 thru V1#7), then Dragon (for V1#8 thru V2#7)
Format: V1#1 and V1#2 (UK pulp)
Format: V1#3 thru V2#7 (UK digest)
British Science Fiction Magazine, editor Vargo Statten (aka: Vargo Statten Science Fiction Magazine)
V1#1 (1954)
V1#2 (1954)

V1#3 thru V1#8 (1954) 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8
V1#9 thru V2#6 (1955)
9 , 10 , 11 , 12 , 13 , 14 , 15 , 16 , 17 , 18       
V2#7 (1956)


Publisher: C.K. Pub. Co., Toronto (Canadian pulp)
Eerie Tales
1 issue (July 1941)


Publisher: George Newnes Ltd. (UK pulp) covers illustrated by S. Drigin.
Fantasy, 3 issues (1938-1939)
1 , 2 , 3
Beautiful trimmed pulps loaded with quality 1930s SF by top-notch authors.


Publisher: Temple Bar Pub. Co. (UK digest-sized)
Fantasy, 3 issues (1946-1947)
1 , 2 , 3
The short-lived attempted revival of the same titled series by Newnes above.


Publisher: World’s Work (UK pulp)

Fireside Ghost Stories

01 (December 1937)
NOTE: This cover was re-used on at least two other World’s Work issues, reappearing on
Master Thriller Series # 32’s “Tales of Ghosts and Haunted Houses,” and “Ghost! Mystery Stories.”


Publisher: Frew Publications (Australian digest-sized)
Future Science Fiction, 6 issues (1953-1956)
1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 – all the stories are USA reprints.

Publisher: Page Publications (Australian digest-sized)
Future Science Fiction, 2 issues (1967)
No. 1 reprints No. 4
No. 2 reprints No. 6


Publisher: John Spencer (UK digest)
Futuristic Science Stories, 16 issues (1950-1954)
1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 , 10 , 11 , 12 , 13 , 14 , 15 , 16


Publisher: Hamilton & Co (UK pulp)
Futuristic Stories (circa 1946-1947)
No. 1 contained stories; No. 2 contained a full-length 32-page story

   NOTE: Image for # 1 kindly supplied by Paul Pollak, of Firebird Records, London


Publisher: Pendulum Publications (UK pulp)
New Worlds -- 3 issues (1946-1947)

# 1  atom-bomb with naked man cover art edition

# 1a  blue covers borrowed from issue No. 2, to assist it selling all the unsold remainder stock. It worked.

# 2  blue space covers

# 3  science fiction cover

Publisher: Gerald G. Swan (UK pamphlet)
1st Collection (1945)
Occult Shorts:
2nd Collection (1945)

Publisher: John Spencer (UK digest)
Out of this World, 2 issues (1954-1955)
1 , 2


Publisher: Outlands Publications (UK pamphlet)
1 issue (1946) contains original Fearn and Bounds stories.


Publisher: Dalrow Publications (No's 1-12), Pennine (No's 13-16) (UK digest)
Phantom 16 issues (1957-1958) artwork all by R.W.S.
01 , 02 , 03 , 04 , 05 , 06 , 07 , 08 , 09 , 10 , 11 , 12 , 13 , 14 , 15 , 16
Number 16 contains the first publication of Andre Norton's "By A Hair".


Publisher: Frew Publications (Australian digest-sized)
Popular Science Fiction, 6 issues (1953-1955)
1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 

Publisher: Page Publications
Popular Science Fiction, 2 issues (1967)
No. 1 reprints No. 4
No. 2 reprints No. 6


Publishers: Superior (1-2), then Duchess Printing (3-4) (Canadian pulp)
Science Fiction, 6 issues (1941-1942)
1, 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6


Publishers: Gerald G. Swan (UK digest)
Science Fiction -- 1/- Library, 3 issues (circa 1960-1961)
01 , 02 , 03 


Publisher: Atlas Publications (Australian saddle-staple digest)
Science Fiction Monthly, 18 issues (1955-1957)
1, 2, 3, 4 , 5, 6 , 7 , 8, 9 , 10 , 11 , 12 , 13 , 14 , 15 , 16 , 17 , 18

Entirely a series of reprinted stories.


Publisher: C. Arthur Pearson (UK newspaper weekly)
Scoops, 20 issues (1934)
1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 , 10 , 11 , 12 , 13 , 14 , 15 , 16 , 17 , 18 , 19 , 20
Juvenile science fiction and articles. John Russell Fearn and Maurice Hugi made appearances. The first issue is fairly common, but the insert to it is rare.


Publisher: Pep Publishers & Printers (UK pulp)
Screen Chills and Macabre Stories  
1 issue (1958)


Publisher: Malian Press (Australian pamphlet) Cover art: Stanley Pitt
Selected Science-Fiction Magazine, 5 issues (1955)
01 - Philip K. Dick "Second Variety"

2 , 3 , 4 , 5

Contents are all reprints.


Publisher: Gerald G. Swan (UK pulp)
Space: Fact and Fiction, 8 issues (1954)
1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8
Reprints American pulp stories.


Publisher: Hamilton & Co (UK pulp)
Strange Adventures -- 2 issues (1946-1947)
1 , 2

Companion to “Futuristic Stories”, also features juvenile fiction.     

   NOTE: Image for # 1 kindly supplied by Paul Pollak, of Firebird Records, London         


Publisher: Utopian Publications (UK saddle-stapled booklet)
Strange Tales, 2 issues (1946) artist: Alva Rogers
No. 1 (Feb 1946)
No. 1a (H. W. Perl cover art edition, date unknown)
No. 2 (March 1946)


Publisher: Sydney, Australia: Consolidated Press
Series: Sunday Telegraph Complete Novel (newspaper supplement)
John Carstairs, Space Detective  by Frank Belknap Long, 1950 April 9       

The Adventures of Lancelot Biggs  by Nelson Bond, 1950 April 16     


Publisher: Gerald G. Swan (UK pulp)
Swan American Magazine, 16 issues (dates approximate)
Future Fantasy and Science Fiction (1948) reprint

15. Science Fiction Quarterly (1950) reprint
Rest of the issues were western or detective pulp American reprints


Publisher: Gerald G. Swan (UK pulp)
Swan Yankee Magazine, 21 issues (1941-1942)
Science Fiction (June 1941)
Weird Shorts (1942)
Science Fiction (1942)
Weird Shorts (1942)
Weird Shorts (May 1942) cover spells “Weird” as “Wierd” and the mistakes do not end there! (image from the website)
Science Fiction (July 1942)
Rest of issues were not 'sf' nor 'weird'.


Publisher: John Spencer (UK digest)
Tales of Tomorrow, 11 issues (1950-1954)
1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 , 10 , 11             


Publisher: World's Work (UK Pulp)
Tales of the Uncanny, 3 issues
# 6,
Tales of the Uncanny (September 1934)
Tales of the Uncanny #2 (April 1938)
Tales of the Uncanny (circa 1936)
#'s 6 and 20 are part of the Master Thriller Series, a multi-genre pulp magazine series lasting over 30 titles. All dating are estimates.
The unnumbered issue is separate from that series.


Publisher: World's Work (UK pulp)
Tales of Wonder, 16 issues (1937-1942)
1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 , 10 , 11 , 12 , 13 , 14 , 15 , 16
England's true first, high quality SF magazine that met its demise due to paper rationing during World War II.


Publisher: Utopian Publications
Thrilling Stories,
1 issue (1946)
Publication containing only two stories, both American reprints.


Publisher: Atlas Publishing & Distributing Co. Ltd.

Thrills, 1 issue (1939)       


Publisher: Associated, then later Transport (Australian)
No.'s 1-12, pulp size; No.'s 13-23, pamphlet size
Thrills Incorporated, 23 issues (1949-1951)
1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 , 10 , 11 , 12 , 13 , 14 , 15 , 16 , 17 , 18 , 19 , 20 , 21 , 22 , 23


Publisher: Magazine Enterprises (UK digest)
2 in 1 Weird Science Illustories
01 issue (circa 1950)
Half comic / short stories; a Phillip K Dick short included.


Publisher: Adam Publishing (1-17), then Norman Book (18-21) (Canadian pulp)
Uncanny Tales, 21 issues (1940-1943)
  (except 17)
[Digest-sized Pamphlets]
01 , 02 , 03 , 04
[Pulp Format]
05 , 06 , 07 , 08 , 09 , 10 , 11 , 12 , 13 , 14 , 15 , 16 , 17 , 18 , 19 , 20 , 21
The first four are issued in saddle-staple digest format, the rest were trimmed pulps.

All issues feature original cover art by Wilf. Long, Walter Leslie, K. P. Ainsworth, and Ted Steele. The Jan 1942 is simply signed BICK.


Publisher: Gerald G. Swan (UK digest)
Weird and Occult -- 1/- Library, 3 issues (circa 1960-1961)
01 , 02 , 03
Swan bound remainder unpublished 1940s shorts, thus first printings.


Publisher: Gerald G. Swan (UK)
Weird Pocket Library
01 issue (circa 1940)
A ‘lost race’ novella by Kay Hammond titled "The Dark City" takes up most of the space; a crime short fills the remainder. It’s rather unfair to log this as a magazine.


Publisher: Gerald G. Swan (UK)
Weird Shorts--First Selection,
1 issue (circa 1944)


Publisher: Gerald G. Swan (UK)
Weird Story Magazine (two series)
--Series One:
No. 1 (Aug 1940 pulp) proper title is “The Weird Story Magazine”
   NOTE: All stories in the above issue are reportedly pseudonyms of William J. Elliott.

--Series Two: No. 1 (1947 pamphlet)

--Series Two: No. 2 (June 1948 pamphlet)


Publisher: Gerald G. Swan (UK saddle-stapled pulp)
Weird Tales, 3 issues (1942)
1 , 2 , 3
All contents are reprints.


Publisher: William C. Merrett (UK pulp)
Weird Tales, 1 issue (1946)


Publisher: Gannet Press (UK saddle-stapled pulp)
Weird World, 2 issues (1955-1956)
1 , 2


Publisher: John Spencer (UK digest)
Wonders of the Spaceways, 10 issues (1950-1954)
1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 , 10


Publisher: John Spencer (UK digest)
Worlds of Fantasy, 14 issues (1950-1954)
1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 , 10 , 11 , 12 , 13 , 14


Publisher: Gould Light Co. (UK digest)
Worlds of the Universe, 1 issue (1953)
Great Norman Light cover art.