The Spectre Library


Release Date:Summer 2008




by Victor Rousseau


Introduction by Michael Ashley


Scheduled: Summer 2008


Hardcover: 178pp


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Retail Price: US$40.00



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Receiving word that a relative in America has passed away and bequeathed John Haynes with valuable real estate, John departs for America with his wife and child. Upon arriving, he learns that corrupt men have assumed ownership of his properties. While defending his wifeís honor, John Haynes is crippled by a lethal bullet lodged against his spine. Paralyzed, they leave him to die in an alley, in anotherís clothes under the guise of a gang leader.

Railroaded into the local penitentiary, John Haynes develops his one functioning arm into that of a Samson and creates in the machinist shop a powerful gas-propelled gyroscope, that when fitted to any mode of transportation, may achieve unequivocal speeds of 200 miles per hour! Making good his escape after 5-years in confinement, John Haynes seeks his long-lost family and mercilessly hounds the league of conspirators, tracking them one-by-one, and meting out vengeance equal to the injustice rendered unto him, both physically and psychologically.