“After a moment the creature blushed into a haze of purple-blue-green, then back to gold, but a more vibrant shade. Duncan poured more water over the creature. It seemed to crack apart, fissures erupting across its skin at regular intervals. But no-it was merely opening up, each of its four legs unfurling, to settle upside down on the floor. Immediately, it leapt up, spun, and landed, cilia down, revealed as a kind of starfish.” —From Shriek: An Afterword


“Jeff VanderMeer's latest is as complicated, impressive and exasperating as anything he has written . . . VanderMeer makes no compromises with his readers, but Shriek is twisted, darkly funny and ultimately rewarding.” —The Guardian


Shriek: An Afterword is now available in trade paperback in the United States and Canada from your favorite independent bookstore, chain bookstore, or online retailer.

A German edition will be published by Klett-Cotta in 2008.

The novel was an, Austin Chronicle, SF Site, and San Francisco Chronicle book of the year.

The latest reviews include a rave review in the Washington Post: "Like some delicious mashup of H.P. Lovecraft, Mervyn Peake, and L. Frank Baum, but with his own verbal dexterity and perverse ingenuity...[An] affecting narrative about love, art, sibling rivalry, commerce, history, and some really nasty mushrooms."

Shriek movie events took place in 20 major US cities, with several in Europe, including Helsinki, Berlin, and Lisbon. The US events includes The Five Spot in Atlanta, The Clinton Street Theater in Portland, BookPeople in Austin, Pandemonium Books in Cambridge, and a special showing of the film before The Church's concert in New York City (at the Irving Plaza.) The Shriek movie is now available for viewing on the internet.