P.O. Box 45
Gillette, NJ 07933


I hereby grant Wildside Press the non-exclusive right to use the following artwork on Wildside Press books: 

(list titles of artwork) 

All rights to the original artwork remain with me, including but not limited to all poster, print, and other display use rights. 

The agreed upon payment for the use of this artwork will be 2 (two) copies of any paperbound edition and 2 (two) copies of any hardcover edition of each book incorporating my artwork, due as soon as the books are printed in bulk for sale through the Wildside Press catalog. 

I will be credited on the back cover as the cover artist. 

I agree to deliver my artwork to Wildside Press as a 300-DPI graphics file (.TIF format or .JPG at highest resolution) via FTP, CD-ROM, ZIP Disk, JAZ Disk, 44 or 88 megabyte Syquest cartridge, or other mutually agreed upon delivery method. 

I hereby affirm that all artworks covered under this agreement are original and created by me, that I own the rights granted under this agreement, and that the rights granted hereunder are not encumbered by any other agreement which would conflict with this agreement. I indemnify and hold harmless Wildside Press from any fees or damages resulting from a finally sustained lawsuit brought against the use of my artwork due to plagiarism or other theft. 


I would like Wildside Press to offer my artwork to foreign and subsidiary publishers along with the book it illustrates as part of a "package deal." It is understood that I will receive an additional fee of $100.00 or 50% of the amount received for the artwork, whichever is greater, for each subsidiary and foreign sale that includes my artwork. In the event of such a sale, I will make the artwork available as a book cover on an exclusive basis in the territory covered under the subsidiary or foreign sales contract, subject to rights availability. Initial if yes:___________. (If you do not initial here, we will not market your artwork with the book.) 

Sign here: ______________________________ 

Artist Name: ______________________________ 



Social Security Number: ____________ (SSN only needed if you live in the U.S. and are granting optional resale rights) 
Instructions (not part of this agreement): If these terms are acceptable to you, please print out and sign 2 copies of this agreement. Don't forget your shipping addressówe need to know where to send books and money from subsidiary rights sales. Retain one copy of this agreement for your files and mail one copy to: Wildside Press, Attn: John Betancourt, PO Box 45, Gillette, NJ 07933-0045.